New Machine Retail Sales Warranty (Petrol Vehicles)

We would like our customers to have complete peace of mind, so all fully assembled products sold by APS are supplied with a RETURN TO BASE 12 month warranty for the original purchaser on both main parts and labour costs. Electrical parts and other parts not deemed 'main' parts are covered by a 6 month RETURN TO BASE warranty.


This is a guarantee against manufacturing structural or mechanical defects and within these periods, we will replace non wear and tear parts, providing the part is found by the company to be defective. Please see guidelines below for a breakdown of parts deemed wear and tear parts and so not covered under warranty. In some cases, defective parts must be sent back to the company for inspection if asked for, prior to us sending out replacement parts. The purchaser must pay the postage cost for the returned part but this cost will be refunded once the new part is dispatched. We have the final decision with regards to replacement parts, no correspondence will be entered into.


By this consumer guarantee, APS guarantees the product to be free from defective materials and workmanship for the stated period of warranty, from the date of purchase as shown on the invoice. Should the machine fail due to neglect, unreasonable use, accident, crash, corrosion, alterations, modifications, lack of regular service & maintenance (PRI) or failure to follow instructions properly then the part will not be covered and all warranty will be void.


Please note that there is NO WARRANTY for any product that is used commercially, for racing, as part of a venture, loaned, resold or rented out by the purchaser.


Summary Of New Machine Sales Warranty Parts (Petrol Vehicles)

Parts covered by 12 month warranty: Main engine parts, secondary engine wear parts such as pistons & cylinder head, transmission & gear parts, chassis, frame, brush guards, wheels, brake calipers, steering assembly inc steering wheel, rods & arms, seat belts, exhaust manifold, radiator, fuel tank, hubs, fixed panels, handlebars, pedals, struts, spindles, supports, wishbones, axles.


Parts covered by 6 month warranty: Electrical parts, carburettor, drive shafts, master cylinder, cables, suspension, fuel pipe, brake pipe, coolant pipe, dust covers, switches, dials, levers, seats, exhaust pipe, coolant pipe, nuts, bolts, seals, washers, screws, gaskets, sensors, rubber gaitors.


Wear & Tear parts - no warranty cover: Tyres, brake pads, brake discs, bulbs, clutches, drive belts, battery, spark plugs, bearings, bushes, springs, chains, filters, fenders, mudguards, stickers, plastic or metal trim, mirrors, cables, starter ropes or any other part that may wear and require replacement in connection with normal use and maintenance of your product.


Spare Parts Sales Warranty (Applies to spare parts sales not machine sales)

Main parts are supplied with a 6 month guarantee / Electrical parts are supplied with a 3 month guarantee

Defective parts must be sent back to the company if asked for, for inspection prior to sending out replacement parts. The purchaser must pay the postage cost for the returned part. This cost will be refunded once the new part is dispatched. We have the final decision with regards to replacement parts, no correspondence will be entered into. Should the part fail due to incorrect fitting, neglect, abuse, competitive use such as racing, accident, corrosion, lack of regular maintenance or modifications then the part will not be covered and all warranty will be void.


Owners Responsibility - Servicing & Maintenance

In order not to invalidate the manufacturer's warranty, all customer machines must be kept regularly serviced and maintained as required by the manufacturer and the distribution agent. It is also necessary for basic maintenance such as tightening of nuts & bolts, frequent chain lubrication, brake adjustments, tune up, carburettor adjustments, choke adjustments or spark plug maintenance to be carried out at frequent intervals.

Regular servicing as outlined in the manufacturers handbook (supplied) must be undertaken, servicing can only be carried out by a qualified vehicle technician and an original invoice with the full breakdown of work carried out must always be retained. In the event of a warranty claim, these original documents must be available for validation in order for the claim process to begin.


Owners Responsibility - Essential Safety 'Pre Ride Inspection' (PRI)

Each and every time our product is used, it should ONLY be driven once an adult is 100% confident that they have completed their Pre Ride Inspection (PRI). This information can be found in the user manual supplied but can also be emailed upon request.

Before buying a machine from us please bear in mind that they are not the same as cars and so will require regular maintenance and complete safety check over. Failure to do this could result in a number of avoidable issues and machine down time.


How to claim

All faults MUST be reported in writing or ideally email. Please include as much information as possible, such as make, model, part number and date of invoice. Please also include photographic evidence if the fault is visible. We will assess the problem and try to assist you as much as possible without the need for you to send the product back to us. This is intended to save you time and expense.


Intention of return

Should a serious defect occur, we may ask you to return the product to us. You will need to use either the original packaging to return the product or ensure that the product is sufficiently protected to stop further damage occurring. We are not liable for transit damage. If you intend to return a product please contact us and state your intention and a valid reason for the return. Please do not return the product without contacting us beforehand.


Returns policy

If the reason for return is because of an error on our behalf or if a product is damaged or defective, then when making a refund, we will credit our delivery charges. The item will not be returned if damaged by the user or due to problems caused by general wear and tear of the item, misuse and guidelines are not followed. To return a product under this Returns Policy, please contact us using the details given in the contact us section. You must provide us with the original invoice, dispatch note or other proof of purchase. Nothing in this Returns Policy affects any statutory rights you may have as a consumer.


Any item deemed unsuitable by the purchaser, must be returned by post at the expense of the purchaser. Faulty or damaged items must be returned by prior arrangement with us. No responsibility can be placed on us for goods lost or damaged in transit and the purchaser must obtain proof of posting. We will endeavour to correct the situation of missing or damaged items but ultimate responsibility is with the carrier.


The company will replace free of charge for the original purchaser any part of the product purchased that is found by the company to be defective. Defective parts must be sent back to the company for inspection prior to sending out replacement parts if we have asked for them. The management has the final decision with regards to replacement parts. Should we determine the nature of the part required to remedy the fault, we, in agreement with the customer, may supply replacement part(s) for the customer or customer's agent to make the repair. All goods are provided with a return-to-base warranty. It is the Buyer's responsibility to ensure the safe return of the goods for evaluation (i.e. to determine what repairs are required and or necessary) and at the Buyer's expense. If you have sent your product in for a repair that is not covered under warranty, the cost will be chargeable unless the fault is inherent.


Limited Liability

APS offers no other warranty of any kind, whether it be expressed or implied. The consumer assumes all risks when on, near, or around any Performance Toys Product. Also excluded from this warranty is any incidental or consequential damages including loss of use. You agree to this warranty when you make a purchase of any product sold by APS