Tyres and Tyre Fitting Services at Auto Pneu


APS is one of Normandy's leading tyre fitting experts. We offer professional tyre fitting for all cars, vans, trailers and 4x4 vehicles.

As a tyre fitting centre in the Domfront 61700, we stock a large range of tyres, including top brands, mid range and budget tyres. We offer a while-you-wait tyre fitting service. For special requirements or when stock is unavailable, we able to order tyres 24/48 delivery service.

All tyre fitting is carried out using the latest equipment, which handles low profile and Run flat tyres with ease.

Auto Pneu Service regularly price checks against other tyre suppliers in the area and are able to offer an excellent, competitive service.

If you are unsure of the condition of your vehicle’s tyres, call in for a free tyre check where we will happily advise you


Checking your Tyres


Tyres are the only part of your car that is in contact with the road, so this makes them a vital part of your car's safety.

We recommend that you should check your tyre pressures and tyre condition at least once a month. Incorrect tyre pressures can cause uneven tyre wear, poor handling and can even affect fuel consumption.


If any bulges, cuts or cracking are found in the tyre this may have weakend the tyre's structure and should be replaced immediately.


If you are unsure of the condition of your tyres then please call in for a free tyre check and we will be happy to assist you.